Doug Anderson began his career as an assistant the the BBC wildlife series “The Blue Planet”. By the end of the production Doug had filmed his first wildlife sequence of a whale feeding on a bait ball. Since then Doug has frequently collaborated with wildlife producer Alastair Fothergill, working on BBC films “Blue Planet” (2001), “Deep Blue” (2003), “Planet Earth” (2006), “Earth” (2007), “Frozen Planet” (2011), “The Hunt” (2015) and Netflix’s Emmy winning series “Our Planet” (2019). All of these films have received universal acclaim.

Over the last five years Doug has also become skilled in underwater macro motion control work. His work on the Apple TV series “Tiny World - Reef” required a number of new technologies and specialised techniques which, in collaboration with aerospace engineer Tom Forrester, he built for the project and used extensively in West Papua and Australia. Doug and fellow cinematographer Alex Vail were nominated for a BAFTA in Cinematography for their work on the programme.

Doug has been Nominated for four BAFTA cinematography awards, winning two for BBC “Frozen Planet - To the Ends of the Earth” (2012) and BBC “The Hunt - The Hardest Challenge”. He also has three Emmy cinematography wins for BBC “Life - The Challenges of Life” (2011), BBC “Frozen Planet - To the Ends of the Earth” (2012) and BBC “One Life” (2014).